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The convent of FRIAR MINOR of MELILLI , Province of SIRACUSA, used to receive groups of inspired Christians wishing to become FRANCISCAN. Lately it has been restored and transformed into " CASA DI ACCOGLIENZA --A WELCOME HOUSE." It is active , furnished , and up to today standard and law . The FRIARY'S MONASTERY structure ; Being of classic design is still functional , practical , and useful . The MONASTERY was builded in the late 1617 . After the abolition ( closure) , the FRIARS repurchased it in 1866.Today the MONASTERY is willing to reopen its doors once again to welcome anyone who want to spend time in meditation or rest .The MONASTERY is at about 30 Km. ( 25 miles) from SIRACUSA : With a breathtaking view of both ; The natural scenery of mount ETNA'S VULCANO and the IONIO SEA . The visitors can stay in groups or do things autonomously . Such as ; go to the church. The Convent, which has a living room , the size of large hall -140 metri-quadri ; A kitchen , a refectory and a very beautiful and majestic garden for prayer and meditation .There are cells or bed-rooms that are furnished with bunk-beds.Rest rooms with shower are in common areas located in three separate locations of the convent.There are only two cells or bed-rooms with single beds .The CONVENT can accommodate up to sixty (60) beds.Any person or group can order meals , from breackfast to dinner from local COOPERATIVE SOCIETY which will deliver.

DIRECTION : ---From strait of MESSINA take HIWAY ME -CT.---Follow the ORIENTAL SICULA ( Eastcoast -oriental island) SIRACUSA , SS 114. At about 18 Km. ( before SIRACUSA)make right turn at MELILLI .Follow sign reading : STADIO - CAMPO SPORTIVO ; The CONVENT is at about 200 meter .

FOR INFORMATION OR RESERVATION ; Tel. # 0931 - 951374 ------HIPHONE 339-5257940------E MAIL : koto57 @alice.it.

Sagrato Casa Accoglienza

Sagrato Casa d'Accoglienza

Chiostro Casa Accoglienza

Chiostro Casa d'Accoglienza

Salone Incontri Casa Accoglienza

Salone incontri 140 mq

Refettorio Incontri Casa Accoglienza

Refettorio Casa d'Accoglienza

Coretto Sacrestia Casa Accoglienza

Coretto e sacrestia Casa d'Accoglienza

Coro Incontri Casa Accoglienza

Coro Casa d'Accoglienza


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